Female Characters

image-241513-Fiona  Steve Porter.jpg?1423565439641
Flim Flam Girl

Old Fashioned singing telegram. Arrives in pill box hat and jacket and tails calling, “Singing Telegram” and singing a quick introduction. Sings a personalised singing telegram based on information supplied by customer and then delivers a laminated copy of the song for the recipient to keep.
For times when a more formal touch is required or when our comic characters would be inappropriate.


With a song and dance, she's back and she's flirting. Sexy, charming and theatrical. She's here to delight and make him feel like an American President.

This act comprises of a half hour booking including 2 songs, a Singing Telegram, any photos required.

​Pre equipment set up included.

Nurse Nightingale

Nurse Nightingale will sing your ailments away. Sent to check the recipient's health, she gives a comical check over, and leaves the recipient with a comical health report in the form of a singing telegram.

Fifi the French Maid

Traditional French-maid character who has spent all day cleaning up the victim’s room, and has bought a bag of goodies to show everyone just what she has found. Culminates in a can can to celebrate the occasion, and sings the telegram at the end.

image-267206-Navy Girl.jpg?1424933763766
Navy Girl

She'll sort out the men from the boys. And work out if they belong in the Navy or in the Village People.
Whatever happens they're sure to get a personalised singing telegram.

The Cowgirl

A cute cowgirl looking for someone to help her practice for her big rodeo. Gets the victim boot scooting before singing them the personalised singing telegram message.

Wander Woman

Before delivering the singing telegram Wander woman is looking for a new partner in the fight for truth, justice and the American way…she’s there to find out what kind of a superhero he can really be…

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Pregnant Bride

This poor girl is searching for her beau who left her at the alter a few months ago. She's upset, hormonal & very pregnant!

Finishes with her singing a personalised singing telegram.