Male Characters

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Mr Flim Flam

Old Fashioned singing telegram. Arrives in top hat and tails or bellhop costume calling, “Singing Telegram” and singing a quick introduction. Sings a personalised singing telegram based on information supplied by customer and then delivers a laminated copy of the song for the recipient to keep.
For times when a more formal touch is required or when our comic characters would be inappropriate.



Swings in from the jungle to find a new wife to carry back to the tree house or a stunt double for his new Tarzan movie. He’s come to see what kind of a monkey the victim can be. Makes them walk and talk like a monkey and do a Tarzan call. Finishes with a personalized singing telegram of which the victim gets a laminated copy along with bananas and peanuts.


The Casanova

Comes in with a silk rose between his teeth declaring to be the greatest lover of all time. Really a bit of a bumbling lover – a cross between Pepi La Phew and Maxwell Smart. Does silly pick up lines, A funny tango with her and tries to win her over with silly poetry.

Mr Hairy Fairy

The Hairy Fairy has come along because one lucky sugar plum has been nominated honorary fairy for the day. He gives them a tiara and a wand, turns them into a fairy and puts them through their fairy basic training, teaching them the fairy dance and the fairy song before performing the telegram. The recipient keeps the tiara and wand.


Gets the victim to cluck like a chicken and do the chicken walk. Does the birdie dance with them before getting them to lay an egg out of which comes a personalized singing telegram.

The Flashing Scotsman

The flashing Scotsman is looking for long lost members of his clan. He puts the recipient through the tests to find if they are a true Scott. They sing the clan song, and play the bagpipes (mimed with a balloon under the arm) before being rewarded with a personalized singing telegram. Comes with a funny flash at the end – not really rude – under the kilt is a pair of “Monster Jocks”.

The Doctor

The doctor has arrived just in time to cure your guest's boredom, along with any number of tropical diseases... Will give the victim a comical mock examination, completing his visit with a detailed health report in the form of a singing telegram.

John Smackenroe


Does your recipient have what it takes to join the John Smackenroe School of Tennis and Etiquette?

If they can make the grade they'll be rewarded with a personalised singing telegram.



Mexican Bandit is looking for hombres tough enough to join his gang of desperados. He puts them through the tests including the running of the bulls and the Macarena. At the end they are rewarded with a personalized singing telegram and their own Mexican hat.

Pirate Captain Jack

Captain Jack is always looking for new crew members for the Black Pearl. Does the recipient have what it takes? At least they'll end up with a personalised singing telegram of their very own.

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Big Baby Brutus

Poor Brutus has been waiting in the maternity ward for years because he was so ugly his Mum or Dad decided not to pick him up.
Now he's back to put them through the test to see if they've got the parenting skills to take him on.
He then presents his proud parent(s) with a personalised singing telegram.


Bronco Billy is there to see if your loved one can Yeehaaa! and bootscoot with the best of them before singing the personalised singing telegram message.